What Can You Use Dog Wipes For?

What Can You Use Dog Wipes For?


Ever wondered what dog wipes are for? Let's investigate why the best bath is no bath. 

For salty paws in winter

Nothing goes together like winter and sidewalk salt. What DOESN'T go together is sidewalk salt and your poor dog's paws. Wiping them down after a walk can help prevent harsh chemical burns.

For muddy paws whenever

We know where those paws have been. Keep that new rug pristine by adding a paw wipe-down to your post-walk routine.

For senior pets

Our senior sweethearts need care too! For some older pets or dogs with limited mobility, getting in a tub can be tough. Dog wipes can keep them fresh and clean, minus the stress.

For wrinkly face folds

Has getting up close and personal with your bulldog BFF felt stinky lately? Get in there and wipe away all that dirt and sweat from their face folds!

For post-poop bum wipes

Bum fur, plus poop. Enough said.

For fluffy pee-ers

Bum fur, plus pee. Again, enough said.

For removing pollen

If "Spring is here" makes you think of sinuses, not sunshine, you're not alone. If your pet stops to smell the roses wherever they go, they might be bringing allergy culprits into your home! Help keep your sniffles at bay by wiping all traces of pollen off your pup after a walk.

For everyday oopsies

Garbage inspectors, dirt diggers. Life with dogs can be surprising, keep Earth Rated dogs wipes close!

For drooly dogs

So your dog has an appetite. If they salivate just as much for grandma's cooking as they do for your couch cushion, dog wipes can help. Wipe away drool for a drier dog experience. Simple as that!

For dogs in heat

If your fur daughter isn't spayed, going through heat can get pretty messy. Wipes can help you clean around your pup's surrounding fur.

For apartment dwellers

Not every apartment has a bathtub. If bathing your dog isn't easily accessible, wipes are a great alternative to keep them clean.

For minimizing stress

Newly adopted dogs or foster dogs arriving in a new home might need some time to decompress. To minimize stress while your rescue dog gets settled into their new home, try using dog wipes!

For dog smell

"Mmm, I love the smell of wet dog in the morning". Can't relate? Use a dog wipe to help keep your pet smelling nice and clean! Bonus: use lavender-scented dog wipes for a whiff of fresh flowers.

For hitting the trails

Taking a hike? Bring along a pack of dog wipes to take care of whatever your dog may roll in. By keeping a pack in your car, you'll be prepared for any mess they may get into!

For spot cleaning

Bath time can be a long, strenuous activity. Sometimes you don't need to fill up the tub to take care of a little mess. Use dog wipes to spot clean your pup! No matter the reason, dog wipes can be a great way to keep your pet nice and clean without all the fuss of a bath. 

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