Use this Ultimate Dog Camping Checklist Before Your Next Hiking Trip with Dogs

Use this Ultimate Dog Camping Checklist Before Your Next Hiking Trip with Dogs


Cheers for camping season! Whether you’re ready to rough it out in the wilderness or are more of a glamping enthusiast, there’s nothing like hiking out under the stars with your beloved pet at your side.


Follow this handy checklist to make sure you’re well-prepared for the summer camping trip of your dreams.


Up-to-date ID tags

When was the last time you’ve updated your dog’s identification tag? Check that it’s up to date with your current cell phone number and keep your dog’s collar and tag on at all times.

As a bonus: pick up an extra blank tag for your dog’s collar and write your campsite number in permanent marker. If your pup ever disappears from sight, other campers can help get them safely back to you.



Even in off-leash parks, bring a leash for your dog. You never know what mischief the not-so-friendly neighborhood squirrels may get into.


Dog Poop Bags

If a dog poops in the woods and no one’s around to see it, should you still pick it up?

Yes! Dog poop is a pollutant, not to mention not fun to step in. As a responsible dog owner, keep public spaces clean and green by bringing a solid supply of dog poop bags with you.


Dog Food and Water

When packing your meals for the adventure, don’t forget about your pup! Prepare a picnic date for you and your pup with plenty of their favorite food and water. And bring a food and water bowl for them to eat out of!


A Crate or Tarp and Bed for Sleeping

The ground is no luxury hotel, especially when temperatures drop at night. Keep your dog warm while they sleep by putting an extra tarp under their bedding in your tent. Or if they’re used to sleeping in crates, bring one along. Sweet dreams!


Dog Wipes

Bathing in the woods? Hard. Using dog grooming wipes to keep your pup clean? A breeze!

Bring along a pack of Earth Rated dog wipes to take care of whatever your dog decides to roll in. Because the best bath is no bath!


Flea and Tick Preventative

Ah, nature. Serene, beautiful, and full of bugs. To protect your dog from unwanted critters, give them flea and tick preventative before your next adventure.

First Aid Kit

In case of an emergency in the middle of nowhere, you are your dog’s quickest option for help. Be ready to handle minor injuries with a dog-friendly first aid kit, packed with bandages, tweezers, and hydrogen peroxide. And of course, always call your vet if you suspect your dog is hurt!


Dog Booties

Rocky roads make for a delicious ice cream flavor and a painful walking experience. Keep your pet’s paws protected with outdoor booties.



Traveling near a body of water and want to take a dip with your pup? Swim safely with a dog-sized lifejacket for them.


Tie Out

For a stress-free hangout around the campsite, get a tie out to keep your dog from wandering and getting lost! Note: always supervise your dog while tied.


From the team at Earth Rated, we wish you and your dog safe and merry adventures all season long! May you both be happy campers with this checklist!

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