Top tips for running with your dog

Top tips for running with your dog

June 1st marks Global Running Day: a day that champions not just the physical health benefits of running but also the mental health benefits it can have. Running or jogging with your dog can be a fun activity for you two to do together and our Earth Rated dispenser is the perfect running accessory for keeping your poop bags portable and secure.


We asked certified positive reinforcement dog trainer, Sebastien, from Bravo Fido, for his top tips for running with dogs!


Here's what he had to say:


Let your pup grow. Dogs under a year old should not be taken for sustained jogging or running sessions as their muscles and bones are not ready for that level of high impact activity.


Take it slow. If your dog has never run before, take it easy and avoid running miles and miles. Build their resistance and stamina first - just as you would for yourself!


Mind the heat. Dogs don't handle heat as well as humans and are at a higher risk for heat stroke. Avoid running with your dog if it's warmer than 15 celsius. When you do run, plan water and shade breaks.


Test out surfaces. If you run in the city, especially on asphalt, test the surface with your bare hand. If it's so warm that it's uncomfortable for you, your dog is at risk of burning their pads.


Get a coach. Running with dogs can be a whole process: including special gear, cues and knowledge. If you and your pup are looking to become serious runners, consider getting some professional advice!


Whether you're a light jogger or a full sprinter, we hope you and your pup find the best running routine for you!


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