Meet our pups!

Meet our pups!

Everyone loves a snuggle—but no one appreciates them quite as much as a shelter dog. Every year, we donate a ton of Earth Rated fleece blankets to shelters and rescues across North America based on nominations from our incredible followers. Why blankets? We want to offer something unique for dogs waiting for their forever homes to help make their time in a shelter a little more comfortable. Fleece blankets are a valuable source of warmth and comfort which can help shelter animals feel safe, secure, and ready to be adopted. Since many of our team members have adopted dogs, supporting rescues and shelters is incredibly important to us. Get to know some of the rescued pups on the Earth Rated team!

Meet Chewbacca AKA Chewie:

"I had recently lost my dog and was finding the house too quiet without him. We've always adopted our dogs, so I decided to casually follow a few animal shelters on Facebook to see if the right pup for us turned up. One Saturday morning, I was scrolling my feed and I saw him: a golden-mix puppy with huge paws who was looking for a forever home after being returned as a Christmas gift. I filled out the adoption form immediately, but was sure that I wasn't going to hear back because so many people were interested. I was so excited to hear back a day later and we instantly fell in love and brought him home the next day. We renamed him Chewbacca and he is our big baby, a 96-pound lapdog and brother to our two rescue cats." -Niki Hyde Social Media Director

Meet Albert AKA Bert:

"I fell in love with Albert the moment I saw him! He looked just like my previous dog, only at 9 months old, he was already 3 times the size! My heart melted watching him greet us with a stuffed elephant in his mouth and his happy tail was whacking the bars of the cage he was in. I knew we needed to adopt him. Within a few hours of meeting Albert, he was headed home with us, where we immediately found out he didn't know how to use stairs, nor could he walk on a leash. Adopting a teenage dog that weighed over 70lbs was much harder than we'd ever imagined, and there was a huge learning curve (and some tears!). We worked with a trainer, we took group puppy classes, I brought him everywhere I went, and eventually we found our rhythm together! It was a LOT of work, but it taught us to be patient. We met so many new people along the way, and Albert has made our lives so much better! Adopting a dog might not always be the easiest path, but it's always worth it." -Kerry Wyllie Senior Marketing Manager

Meet Peyton:

"Peyton is a Southern Girl, rescued in 2019 from the streets of a small town in Alabama thanks to a shelter called Furever Friends of the South K-9 Rescue. At only a few months old, she was found abandoned on the side of the road along with some other pups. Luckily there are many amazing organizations devoted to rescuing these dogs and transporting them across the country to find loving homes. That’s how we found Peyton. While casually browsing PetFinder, we came across Peyton’s profile and immediately knew she was the dog for us. After several interviews, forms and reference checks, the wonderful folks at For The Love of Dogs Vermont arranged for Peyton’s transport from the shelter in Alabama to the pick-up point in Vermont. When she first came home with us, she was still very traumatized from the shelter and the journey to Montreal. But within a few weeks, she started to come out of her shell. Now, she will never pass up a snack, she’s a big cuddle bug, and she’s very attached to her pack of humans. Adopting Peyton has been the best decision we ever made." -Lauren Kendall Senior Media Manager

Meet Gia:

"Gia arrived at the Montreal SPCA as an inspection case as she was seized from her previous owner and in need of a foster home while her case made it through the legal system. It can be challenging to find foster homes for dogs who are part of court cases because there are limitations on how animals who are not legally released to the shelter can be cared for, not to mention the risk that they could end up being returned to their original owner. My previous dog Tyson had passed away and I had just placed my last foster dog in an adoptive home, so fostering a dog short-term made sense for me at the time. When Gia was finally released, I put her up for adoption for a brief period before quickly realizing that she was already home. I officially adopted her a few months after I joined the team at Earth Rated. Fast forward almost 10 years and we’re still here. After undergoing a serious surgery to remove a tumour on her jaw a few years ago, I was very thankful to work for a company who allowed me to be home for her recovery. I’m happy to say she’s still doing well!” -Tara Garland VP Marketing

Meet Rose:

"Rose was adopted in 2012 via the Montreal SPCA and a local rescue that was working with them. Her past was mostly unknown as she was found by a landlord, abandoned inside an empty apartment. Rose blessed my life with her presence and silly personality for 10 beautiful years until I had to say goodbye to her this year. I am so grateful for the time we spent together and that she can continue to help dogs just like her through our blanket campaign. I gave her all my love and she in turn, gave me all of hers. Because that's what dogs do." -Carolina Zanetta Social Media Coordinator”

Last but certainly not least, meet London.

Her rescue story is a little different.

"London was abandoned at a pet supply store in Montreal at only a year old. Her owner could no longer care for her, and she was left in her cage or in the yard 24/7. She suffered many health issues due to neglect. While working with numerous rescues and being a foster home, I decided to take London in to assess her health and personality. London was untrained and had severe separation anxiety. We discovered she had un-diagnosed Megaesophagus disorder - which we have managed by feeding her upright and burping her. London never ended up getting adopted and has been living happily ever after with our family for the last 10 years." -Alex Rudko Business Development Manager Next Article: A look back at Global Pet Expo

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