Leave No Poop Behind

Leave No Poop Behind


As purveyors of poop bags, we field a lot of questions about dog doo-doo. And because we love talking about what we do, we say bring it on! The question we’re asked the most often? “If other animals poop in nature, what’s the big deal if my dog does it too?”.

The answer lies in what we feed our pets.

Our dogs likely aren’t eating insects, seaweed, or other food sources native to the beach ecosystem, for example. Instead, we’re feeding them nutrient-rich dog food designed to provide a complete and healthy diet.

According toThe Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics, “excess of these nutrients in many ecosystems creates unstable conditions that allow algae blooms to cloud our rivers, lakes, and streams.” Essentially, if you’re not cleaning up after your dog, you’re not only giving dog people a bad name, you’re contributing to pollution.

Too much poop in the water.

In July 2018, The Florida Department of Health in Miami-Dade County advised people to steer clear of three South Florida beaches. Why? Because water samples showed, there was too much fecal matter. Not a pleasant thought, is it?

To highlight the importance of picking up after your pooch in natural spaces, we jetted down to Florida where beautiful beaches and dogs are aplenty. Best of all, we brought along up-and-coming dog photographerKaylee GreerNot only is Greer very good at what she does, but she also volunteers her skills behind the lens to local shelters—capturing everything that makes rescue dogs so amazing.

And now for the winners of our contest!

We recently asked our followers to share photos of their dogs in their favourite outdoor spaces for a chance to win a 1-year supply of Earth Rated poop bags. We received hundreds upon hundreds of entries and guess what?… no dog poop in the photos! Phew.

Our Facebook winner was:
Jennifer Ross with her dog at Huntington Dog Beach

Our Instagram winner was:
@landsharkandthehippo at Algonquin Park

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