How to keep your backyard green this summer

How to keep your backyard green this summer

As temperatures warm and flowers bloom, it's time for some serious Spring cleaning! So, how do you keep your backyard nice and green? We've got you covered!

Top 5 ways to deter your dog from digging

Is your dog a professional digger causing your yard to look more like a giant sandbox than a botanical sanctuary? Here are our top tips for keeping your backyard looking its best:

1) More toys: increase their playtime and switch up their toys.

2) Did someone say "walk?" Exercise throughout the day as much as possible to decrease boredom and restlessness.

3) Provide them with their own dig-friendly zone where they can go to town!

4) Make digging less appealing: from adding rocks to fencing, it's time to get creative and block off access to their digging zones!

5) Help your dog cool down: ensure your pup has some cool shady spot options.

Spring cleaning

To keep your backyard clean & green this summer, we must first answer the age-old question: just how many times does a dog poop per day? Generally, between 1 to 5 poops per day is considered normal and healthy. But many factors influence your pup's poop frequency: age and diet being the most significant contributors.

Because of their speedy metabolism, puppies tend to poop more often. As metabolism slows with age, most adult dogs won't need to relieve themselves as frequently. Since what goes in must come out, your dog's diet and food quality will also affect their poop habits. But for the most part: the more you feed 'em, the more they'll poop!

Did you know dog poop can contain viruses and bacteria? Even more reason to pick up! The best way to pick up after your dog is to bag it securely and throw it away. Perfect for those springtime backyard or patio pick-ups, our 300 Bags on a Large Single Roll bags dispense tissue-style right out of the box, making them ideal for grab & go situations.

And just like that, your yard will be looking green, clean and pristine - just in time for summer!

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