How to create a dog-friendly entryway

How to create a dog-friendly entryway


Does your dog spark joy? If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance the answer is a million times yes. These days, our lovable canines come with a lot of accessories – including leashes, collars, coats, booties, poop bags and more. We can help you spark joy every time you walk through your door with a dog-friendly entryway or mudroom.

Here are 5 tips on how you can keep it both cute AND practical:


An entryway equipped with hooks is a must to keep leashes within reach and ready to go. It’s also a great spot to hang a towel for muddy paws and bellies. Pro tip: coat the walls with a durable paint you can wash down when needed.


Shelving is a lot like poop bags – you can never have too much. Fill yours with all the stuff you don’t use every day, like jackets, booties, and, of course, extra Earth Rated poop bags. Separate items into baskets and label them to keep everything organized.

Extra storage

If shelving is limited, place a sturdy wicker basket or two (or more) on the floor or a bench and organize them in the same way you would if they were on a shelf. A basket on the floor is also a great spot to store toys.

Dog door

Depending on the size of your dog and where you live, a dog door can be fun for both pup and person. It provides easy in and out access for the dog (to a fenced yard), which means less mind-reading for you.

A framed photo 

Your dog is an important member of the family. Frame their picture and display it proudly for all to see, ooh and aww. Truly the icing on the entryway.


When it comes to creating dog-friendly spaces in your home, the options are limitless. What’s your idea of the perfect entryway? Tag @earthrated on Instagram.


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