How To Craft a Beautiful DIY Dog Treat Jar (Infographic)

How To Craft a Beautiful DIY Dog Treat Jar (Infographic)


Who’s a good boy? Your dog is! And they deserve a treat jar as glorious as their personality.

Read on to learn how to craft an easy DIY dog treat jar that would make Martha Stewart envious. Coming home from a walk has never looked so stylish.


You will need:

•   A jar

•   Pencil

•   Paintbrush

•   Piece of paper

•   Tape

•   Chalk

•   Chalkboard paint


Step 1

Draw your favourite shape on the paper. You could do a bone, a big circle, a heart – it’s up to you! Carefully cut out the shape. The remaining paper with the shape cut out will become your stencil.


Step 2

Tape your stencil paper over the jar, and use chalkboard paint to paint over the stencil.


Step 3

Wait for the paint to dry. Now you have a DIY treat jar with room to write whatever you want – your dog’s name, the contents of the jar or any other special message.

Wow, wasn’t that easy? If completing this DIY has you wishing “if only picking up my dog’s poop could be as effortless as making their treat jar was”, we have just the right solution for you!


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