How To Celebrate Take Your Dog To Work Day

How To Celebrate Take Your Dog To Work Day


We all know the feeling of looking at those puppy dog eyes as we head out for work in the morning. Taking your pup with you for the day (or a half-day) can really be a game-changer!  So, how do we create an environment that is both welcoming and safe for our office pups?

Reserving spots

Here at Earth Rated, anyone interested in bringing their pup to work can easily do so by booking a time slot so that our whole team is in the loop on which dog will be in on any given day. We also have an "only office dog" policy for pups who are more anxious or dog-reactive and need to be the only pup in the office for the day.


Asking the experts

We're fortunate to have access to certified trainers that we can call on for advice and ask questions to. We even have regular workshops where we learn from Aryel Lafleur from Trop Chien to better understand dog behavior through a respectful and compassionate approach.


Stocking up

Having a dog means having to clean up after them. Our HQ is always well-stocked with all-you-can-use Earth Rated dog grooming wipes and poop bags. And we always have TONS of treats to make sure we are rewarding our dogs when they are being calm, anytime they meet new people, or of course, if they take part in impromptu photoshoots!


Grabbing a snuggle

Having dogs in the office can have many benefits for the team: reduced stress, increased employee satisfaction, improved morale, and higher levels of happiness; so our team can get back to creating thoughtfully-designed products that make life with dogs simpler & better.


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