Why supporting physical & mental wellness is a beneficial office perk!

Why supporting physical & mental wellness is a beneficial office perk!

Being a certified B Corp means we've committed to being better, which includes being a better workplace by promoting diversity, equity, learning, growth, and of course, wellness. Here at Earth Rated, we believe in the importance of physical & mental health. As part of our ongoing commitment to employee health and well-being, we're proud to offer our team their own office gym, appropriately named: Unleashed! From strength & conditioning, to metabolic conditioning or yoga, we've got a variety of classes and a variety of trainers who keep our team feeling energized and motivated.

Here are 5 reasons to encourage physical & mental wellness in the workplace:

1) Team bonding: group classes and circuit training can help employees who don't often get the chance to spend time together at work connect. That's right, we're strengthening our relationships AND our biceps!

2) Mental break: a quick workout can help clear the mind and provide a break from screen time.

3) Reduce stress: having the opportunity to workout during the day can help boost endorphins, reduce stress, and give you a nice afternoon mood boost! Our twice-weekly yoga classes keep our team feeling zen.

4) Better sleep: working out throughout the day can help employees release energy and can result in a better night's sleep and ready to face a new day!

5) Increase motivation to move: signing up for classes and having fellow coworkers hold you accountable can often help with workout motivation.


Steps away from our HQ, Unleashed is well-equipped with everything our team needs: exercise machines, branded towels, water bottles & yoga mats, and even a basketball court! Learn more about other Earth Rated benefits & work perks here

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