Help the Earth Rated team Spread Love!

Help the Earth Rated team Spread Love!

Blankets are the best, aren’t they? Warm, cozy and comforting, they provide a sense of safety and security that’s enjoyed by toddlers and grownups alike. For dogs living in shelters, something as simple as having a blanket can make a huge impact on their day to day life, and chances of being adopted.

Blankets provide warmth, security, and a place to hide if a dog feels it needs to, allowing them to relax and rest in what can be a strange and busy environment. As humans, we know we’re not at our best when stressed or exhausted. Dogs are no different. And they don’t have coffee to help them out.

A rested dog that feels safe and secure will behave better. Dogs that behave better are more likely to be adopted. And that, furball-loving friends, is why we’re bringing the blankets!

Last year we donated 50 cases of blankets to shelters across North America, and we’re spreading the love again, with a little help from you. It’s simple: Know a great shelter? Nominate them!


This year’s contest is now closed, follow us on social to keep up with our next giving back campaign.

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