Free Printable Dog Sitter Checklist Template


Going out of town without your very best friend? Use this pet sitting checklist to make sure your pup’s time apart from you goes as smoothly as possible! Download our dog sitter instructions template as a printable PDF by clicking here. Dogsitting list preview No printer? No problem. Here's everything you need to let your dog sitter know before leaving.

Your Information Cell phone number, the address you'll be staying, the basics. If you’ve planned your itinerary down to the hour, perfect. Let your dog sitter know exactly how to get in touch with you wherever you are!

Your Emergency Contact In case you can't be reached - maybe you're at a show, maybe your Scrabble game is getting a bit too heated - it's a good idea to designate an emergency contact in case of, well, an emergency. Remember to let your contact know what's happening before you leave!

Your Veterinarian's Information No one wants to think about anything going wrong for their pup while on vacation (or ever for that matter). But just in case, write down all your veterinarian's information for your pet sitter: name, contact information, and the address of the clinic. If you have pet insurance, this is the time to mention those details. Be sure to include your dog's medical history, especially if they have any current or reoccurring medical issues. And to be extra cautious, include the information for an after-hours emergency vet clinic.

Pet Information Definitely let your pet sitter know your dog's microchip and registration numbers, and any allergies they may have. And to help make your dog's time away from you easier on them, tell your pet sitter all about their favorite games, places, toys, and any dislikes of theirs. This is also the time to inform your sitter of any special behaviors your dog may have so they know what's abnormal for them. Is your dog scared of thunder? Do they hate having baths? Let your pet sitter know about it so they know what to expect!

Walk Routine What times of day do you walk your dog? How long do you stay out for? Where do you keep your leash and dog poop bags? Let your dog sitter know your usual walk time routine.

Food If your dog is as food-obsessed as our team's dogs are, you're going to want to keep their dining routine consistent while you're away. Write down everything: Which times of day you feed your pup, which type/brand of dog food you give them and what quantity each time, any treats they're allowed, and any restrictions/allergies. If it's not clear, outline where you keep your dog's food too. No one wants to comb through cabinets to find out where dinner is hidden.

Medications Medical issues are serious business. Set your pet sitter up for success by outlining everything there is to know about your dog's medications. The name of the medication, the dose and frequency, what time(s) you give your dog their medication, instructions on how to administer it, and the location where you keep it.

Cleaning Up As much as we may not want to admit our precious angels are anything but the perfect roommate, accidents can happen. Where do you keep your stain and odor remover? Your dog wipes? Write it down!

Rules Does your dog sleep in bed with you or are they banned from the couch? Inform your dog sitter of any house rules you have for your pup.

House Information If you're going away, the last thing you want is to be bothered with questions about the electrical panel location. Let your pet sitter know your Wi-Fi network and password beforehand, as well as any security codes or other important information. Trash and recycling days are also good to note! Finally, before you leave make sure to leave all your pet's essentials out in the open so your sitter can find them easily, and stock up so they don't have to leave your pet to purchase extra supplies! 

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