DIY Ice Lick Recipe For Dogs

DIY Ice Lick Recipe For Dogs


Summer isn't over yet, and we still have a few hot days on the horizon. Keep your dog cool and busy with this fun, fully-customizeable ice lick treat! You will need:

  • A bucket or large plastic container
  • Your dog's favorite fruit, veggies and/or treats
  • Your dog's favorite rubber or chew toys (make sure they're safe to get wet!)
  • Peanut butter (optional, check the label to ensure it's xylitol-free)


Step 1: Slice up and layer your dog's favorite treats at the bottom of the bucket or container. Step 2: Add your dog's favorite toys to the bucket or container. If using toys like Kongs, feel free to jazz them up by stuffing them with a little peanut butter. Step 3: Fill the bucket with water, freeze overnight and enjoy the next day!


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