6 Easy DIY Dog Toys You Can Make at Home (Infographic)

6 Easy DIY Dog Toys You Can Make at Home (Infographic)


Bored dogs? Not on our watch! With these super easy DIY dog toys, providing your dog with round-the-clock entertainment can be a breeze. Who needs a trip to Vegas when you have an old t-shirt? *Note: Always supervise your dog when playing with toys.

  Infographic of 6 diy dog toys


Use old t-shirts 

Old t-shirts are your best friend’s best friends!

Wrap an empty water bottle or tennis ball in an old t-shirt and tie it in a knot, or tear the t-shirt into strips and make your own braided rope toy.


Paper towel adventure tube

Fold up the ends of a paper towel tube after putting some treats in it for a good time.


DIY puzzles

Get your dog using his problem solving sills – place one kibble or small treat in the bottom of each section of a muffin tin, and cover each with a tennis ball. Your dog will have to use his head to find those treats.


Treat puzzles

PVC piping is available at any home renovation store and comes with “caps” or end pieces to close them off. You can drill holes in them and put kibbles or other treats inside for your dog to try and get. Have a small dog? Try the same with an old margarine container.

Note: Always drill multiple holes in the same location in any plastic piping or tubing toys before giving them to your dog so their tongue doesn’t get stuck.


The jar

Washing out jars of peanut butter when they’re almost empty is hard. Giving the jar to your dog is easy. Just check the label make sure the peanut butter does not contain xylitol, which is toxic to dogs. If you already have an empty jar, put a little wet dog food or treats in the bottom of the jar for a homemade busy treat.



If your dog loves to chew stuffs, make your own stuffing less toy with an old glove. Just put treats in the fingers and sew up the open end.


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