4 Gift Ideas Every Dog Owner will Love

4 Gift Ideas Every Dog Owner will Love

We all have dog lovers in our lives. You know, the one whose phone storage is always full of pictures of their pup. This holiday season, we've got 4 functional and affordable gift ideas so you can let them know you care about them AND their pup.


1) Two words: grooming wipes. Gift the dog-lover in your life everything they need to treat their pup to a well-deserved spa day, everyday. They’re just like your favorite cleaning or makeup wipes, but made especially for pups. These dog wipes are made with soothing ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter, chamomile and cucumber–perfect for daily use.


2) A perfect stocking stuffer for any dog-parent: poop bags! Because every dog-owner knows the horrible feeling of running out of poop bags, give the gift of relief. These poop bags are available in both lavender-scented or unscented and are extra thick and leak-proof. Pop them into a poop bag dispenser for a perfect fit and flawless dispensing...which brings us to gift idea #3.


3) A poop bag dispenser! Because friends don't let friends simply walk around with loose poop bags. Give the gift that keeps those rolls nice and secure. This dispenser has over 40,000 5-star reviews on Amazon and attaches to any style of leash. Bonus: the purchase of every dispenser also includes a roll of 15 leak-proof bags in your choice of Unscented or Lavender-scented for extra odor-blocking oomph.


4) Finally, for all the D.I.Y makers out there: make a Busy Bucket for Dogs. Learn how to make one that they will absolutely LOVE, here. This busy bucket includes a bandana-wrapped surprise! 

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