The Earth Rated Dispenser 2.0

The Earth Rated Dispenser 2.0


In 2021, we introduced a new and improved Earth Rated Leash Dispenser 2.0 – including everything you loved from our OG dispenser and more!

For over 10 years our little green poop bag dispenser has been a trusted walk companion for dog owners across the globe. You’ve let us know what you loved about it, and you’ve let us know what could be improved.

We took every bit of feedback into account to bring you our 2.0 version. Because we don’t just settle for good. Every detail of our products are rigorously tested, reliable and beautifully designed. All to bring you the best experience possible, every time.

Durable waterproof strap!

The 2.0 strap is sturdy enough to withstand rain, snow, and wear and tear! And as always, the strap is a perfect fit for any style leash.

Plus, the texture makes it easy to open your poop bags! Simply rub the opening of your bag against the strap. You’ll never have to fumble around a poop bag again.


Hands-free hook

Our signature hook is there to carry your used bags for you until you reach a trash bin.


Lock & roll

The locking mechanism clicks the screw-on cap into place and keeps it there. You’ll never have to worry about your cap popping off.


Carefully designed

We doubled the interior pins to hold your rolls twice as securely. Seamless bag dispensing, every time!


The perfect duo

Designed to hold any standard size refill roll, our 2.0 dispenser pairs perfectly with the Earth Rated dog poop bags you know and love.


Over two years of working with industrial designers and rigorous in-house testing went into bringing you this 2.0 version.


If you’d like to try out our new dispenser but your old dispenser is still in tip-top shape, please consider donating it to a local shelter!

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