How Many Times Do Dogs Poop in a Day?

How Many Times Do Dogs Poop in a Day?

For ages, the world’s greatest philosophers and poop bag enthusiasts have wondered: “How many times do dogs poop in a day?” What’s normal? What’s healthy? Is there such a thing as too many poops? Here at Earth Rated, we take your dog's poop very seriously. 🥸 What else would you expect from a company who makes the kinds of poop bags that are loved by over 40 million people? That’s why we started an investigation to determine the average number of times a dog poops per day. After speaking with experts and polling our devoted Instagram followers, we finally found the answer: …it depends. Many factors influence your dog’s bowel movement frequency. Age and diet are the big ones. But let’s dive in.


Factors Influencing Poop Frequency

Puppies poop more often

The younger the pup, the more frequent the poops. Sometimes it can even accidentally happen in the house. It’s normal for puppies to go potty many times a day. And like with many adolescent habits, “it’s just a phase”. Remember the days when younger-you could eat a ton of junk food with minimal consequences? A speedy metabolism can likely take credit for that. Metabolism slows with age, for people and dogs alike. As digestion slows down, your dog won’t need to relieve themselves as frequently. So, puppies cycle poops out of their system more often than older dogs.

Food affects poop frequency

Let’s go back – back to the beginning of the digestive system. Since what goes in must come out, of course, your pup’s nutrition will affect their poops. Some lower quality dog foods contain a high percentage of filler-foods in the formula. If your dog eats a large volume of meals with low nutritional value, their stomachs will fill up faster and they'll need to poop more often. Similarly, if you feed your pet frequently, they'll likely poop frequently. Dogs can be very sensitive to new cuisine. If you’ve been switching up their diet, they might be pooping more to expel the offending new foods. Be careful about what people foods you let your dog munch on! Many snacks can be delicious to humans but detrimental to your dog’s digestive system. If you notice a huge change in their defecation schedule, it’s a good idea to chat with your veterinarian about your pet’s nutritional needs.

How often should a healthy dog poop?

Is it good for dogs to poop 3 times a day?

Every dog is different. According to Isa May Pellerin a Certified Animal Health Technician, generally a couple times a day is the most common. "There is no hard and fast normal poop frequency specific to dog breed. Some individual dogs may be more prone to diarrhea/constipation, and some breeds are known to be more sensitive to allergies which can cause an increased frequency. But I would say that at least once a day, more often twice is what we most frequently see. Long walks or exercise can also cause an increase in frequency, since moving around can stimulate digestion."

Signs of Health Issues in Poop

What are some things to look out for when it comes to all things #2? Isa May says: "Any sudden changes in frequency, texture or color of stool - is a good place to start. A dog that has sudden and frequent diarrhea that does not resolve quickly can have a simple GI upset or something more serious. Alternatively, a dog that passes stools on an irregular basis or very hard, lumpy stools can equally point to a health issue. Bowel movements with mucus or blood are abnormal and should be investigated. Similarly, stools that are charcoal black, white or green are also cause for concern - but if you've fed your pet something harmless that can cause stool color change (hello, carrots!) don't panic right away. I would say that if there are any doubts regarding stools, it's best to call your vet!"

Puppies and senior dogs tend to have different pooping patterns too. Puppies tend to pass stool more often as their digestion is fairly quick, and they have limited capacity to hold their bowels when they are little. As they grow, that capacity increases and they will go less often. Senior dogs, when healthy, can also maintain the same routine. However, many age-related illnesses exist - so, if a change in routine is noted it's always worth consulting with your local vet. 

How often should a healthy dog poop?

Whether your dog is a pooping machine or a discreet once-a-day pooper, as long as they stick to a consistent regular schedule, they should be okay. As for the average number of poops per day? The strong consensus on this one, according to our customers, team, and dog experts is: 2 poops a day! There you have it folks!

Now that we’ve answered the scoop on poop, let’s look at the numbers: 2 poops per day, from every dog, just left on the ground to ruin the shoes of innocent distracted pedestrians? Yikes. Not only is that amount of dog poop gross, but it can also be toxic and filled with bacteria. The best way to be a responsible dog owner is to always pick up your dog’s poop. And here at Earth Rated, we’re always working to make that experience as easy as possible for you. Whatever your pick up style, we’re here for you so you can get back to what’s important: petting dogs.

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