Why Picking up is the Responsible Thing to do

Why Picking up is the Responsible Thing to do

Did you know there are over 8 million dogs in Canada and about 80 million dogs in the United States? With numbers like these, one thing comes to mind: that's a lot of poop to pick up!

Dog poop doesn't just vanish!

Picking up after your dog is one of the easiest ways any dog owner can do their part for the environment. All responsible dog owners know: dog poop doesn't just vanish! It's important to pick up pet waste as poop can contain viruses and bacteria. Wildlife forage for food whereas most dogs eat pet food rich in nutrients. So, when we start adding in nutrients from pet waste, the ecosystem can be thrown off balance. If not picked up, pet waste can contribute to pollution in our waterways. The best way to pick up after your dog is to bag it securely and throw it away.


Find the right bag for you

120 Bags on 8 Refill Rolls - this box contains 8 rolls, with 15 bags each, for a total of 120 poop bags. They’re extra thick, leak-proof, extra long (measuring 9”x13”), and roomy enough to pick up after dogs of all sizes. Pop them into our dispenser for flawless dispensing. Also available as a box of 18 rolls, with 15 bags each, for a total of 270 poop bags.


315 Bags on 21 Refill Rolls - this trusty bulk pack contains 21 rolls, with 15 bags each, for a total of 315 poop bags. They’re thick, reliable, and leak-proof. Available in both unscented or lavender-scented, they also pair perfectly with our dispenser.


120 Easy-Tie Handle Bags - these bags come out of the box one at a time and can be tied to a leash or tucked into pockets. They’re extra wide (13.5” x 7”) and big enough to fit a cat litter scoop, making them the perfect double doody picker-upper.


300 Bags on a Large Single Roll - this box boasts 300 large and sturdy poop bags. Tissue-style dispensing keeps a fresh bag at your fingertips; perfect for backyard pickups. Also available as a box of 100 poop bags.


Earth Rated is here to help keep your household and the environment clean from the messes left behind by our pets. Picking up after our dogs is our responsibility, and we’re here to make it easy!


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