Unleash a Better Way to Play

Unleash a Better Way to Play

Whether you have a small dog or a large dog, an energetic dog or a quiet dog, the Earth Rated toy collection includes a variety of thoughtfully designed toys to bring you and your precious pup together. 

Tips for choosing the right toy for your dog.  

So, your dog is a serious chewer? Then they will absolutely savour the Chew Toy.
A thoughtful reimagining of the traditional bone, the Earth Rated Chew Toy helps banish boredom by keeping your dog busy and engaged, so they’re less likely to chew on things you'd rather they didn't. The Chew Toy can also help soothe separation anxiety and teething. For prolonged play, add wet treats like peanut butter or cavity-fighting treats like bully sticks for even more to smile about.

Your dog loves to chase and retrieve? Well, they're definitely going to fall head over heels for the Fetch Toy.
Picture this: your dog holding a soggy tennis ball in their mouth. Now, how about an upgrade? Unlike a tennis ball, the Earth Rated Fetch Toy's unique shape ensures natural airflow when held in the mouth. Its shape also provides an exciting and unpredictable bounce, making playtime more stimulating, exercise more fun and strengthening the bond between you and your dog - absolutely priceless. Last but not least, it floats—providing a fun experience both in water and on land.

Your dog loves to tug, you say? They will love the Tug Toy.
A step up from a traditional rope toy, the Earth Rated Tug Toy was designed to encourage safer pull, play, toss and tug sessions, while, strengthening the bond between you and your dog. It’s designed with two handles to encourage interactive play, for both multi-dog and dog and human. Its smooth, curved shape makes it safe and easy to grab with a human hand or dog’s mouth. And - its innovative, ergonomic shape protects your wrist by supporting a natural range of motion while providing a safe distance for your tugging pup. They're going to have SO much fun with this one.

So, your dog is a chaser and catcher? They will treasure the Fly Toy.
Who needs a flying disc, when you have the Earth Rated Fly Toy?!  Its hollow ring design, rolled edge and elevated profile make it easy for any dog or person to pick up and play with. Its soft material is gentle on your hands and your dog’s sensitive mouth, so there’s no worries if you both get carried away while you play. And it floats! Use it on water, land - really anywhere you go. The Fly Toy takes playtime to new heights. Notice that the Earth Rated toy collection features two brightly coloured yellow toys? This was by design. Because dogs see yellow, both in-motion toys have been made easier for dogs to spot.

You've got a busy snacker on your hands? They will drool at the thought of the Treat Toy.
Word on the street is your dog is a very good boy. They deserve to be treated. An intuitive and fully-rewarding experience, the Earth Rated Treat Toy provides mental stimulation and can help with separation anxiety and boredom - which can sometimes lead to unwanted chewing. Its wobbly, rolling shape provides interactive stimulation and keeps dogs engaged. Your dog has to put in some work to get the kibble or treat out of the toy, and when they do, they get to enjoy a sense of accomplishment along with their well-earned goodie. 

So, invite your dog to indulge their instinctual need to chew, chase, nibble, fetch, or tug with their new favorite toy from the all-new Earth Rated dog toy collection. Available in multiple sizes, explore the entire toy collection here: https://www.earthrated.com/collections/toys

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