Top 10 Funniest Dog Pooping Styles

Top 10 Funniest Dog Pooping Styles


The average dog poops two times a day and usually has a very specific way of going about it. We asked our followers on Instagram to tell us their dog’s strange poop quirks. Here are the best of the best!


10. The Dancer

I call it the ‘poop scoot boogie’


9. The Picky Pooper

My dog takes forever to poop! She needs to find the perfect spot! Sometimes she’ll trick me into thinking she pooped 😂


8. The Stacker

Our dog only poops “on” something. Never flat ground. Not on grass. But give him a nice shrub or flower…maybe a log…and he’s good to go!

We have a husky in rescue that only poops on top of a really prickly plant! I guess she likes her bum tickled!!!


7.It’s Always Leg Day

My boy poops using only 3 legs. His back left leg is always up in the air. People have actually stopped to watch him and tell me how cute he is. 😂


6. The Do Not Disturb

Pikku takes forever to find the perfect spot and if you interrupt he sucks it in and you have to walk for ages before he finds a new perfect spot. Favourite position is leaning one of his rear paws onto something, a pole, a tree, even a straw of grass! The second favourite is pushing his butt against something and ”make ice cream” as my boyfriend calls it 💩


5. The Tornado 

Munin is so hyped that he pooped so he rushes back in to do zoomies around the house at 90mph. The cat started doing it too.

Spin, spin, spin, spin, spin, repeat


4. The Diva

My lil Boston Terrier woke me up at 12:30am last night, we went out, he hurriedly did his business in a place he normally doesn’t. Then, he was snoring on MY pillow before I could hang up his leash and harness. Lil stinker.


3. The Round About Pooper

Squats and walks while he poops a ton… in a circle around me so I’m surrounded by a circle of his poop 💩


2. The Treasure Trail

Poop & walk poop & walk 🤣

Apollo, my 135 lb Newfoundland puppy, does some poop circles and them shuffles around WHILE he’s POOPING, so there’s like a poop trail.


1. The Risk Taker

Ours has his pooping grounds- he only likes going near the road on an angle. It makes for very awkward stares from drivers.

Our guy likes to poop on slanted ground. Always suspenseful watching and wondering if he’ll end up with poop on his back legs

Very very ritualistic in our neighborhood over here. He has a morning poop spot and an evening poop spot which he’ll stick to for months and then one day just like that it’s no longer good and we get a poop strike till he finds a new spot. On hikes he prefers to poop in the most precarious spots (usually on the side of a steep edge) so I have to risk life and limb to clean up after him 🙄


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