The Power of Treating your Employees to Lunch!

The Power of Treating your Employees to Lunch!


Did you know September 20 - 25 is the International Week of Happiness at Work? This week is meant to raise awareness of the importance of employee satisfaction, and to help employees feel happier at their place of work, which ultimately has positive effects on their health, well-being, and productivity. Here at Earth Rated, lunch is on us! That's right, we offer our employees daily chef-catered lunch.


Because happiness is the key to success in life, here are 7 reasons why offering free lunches is a beneficial work perk!


  • That carefree feeling: because not having to think about what to make for lunch every day is HUGE.


  • Eating with your team: taking the time to sit and chat with your coworkers helps to grow bonds. That's right. Eating at your desk is SO last year.


  • Saving money on groceries: because let's face is expensive.


  • Extras! Because who doesn't love leftovers? If there are any leftovers after the team has helped themselves, we even bring our leftover leafy greens to feed the bunnies at the SPCA.


  • Eating healthy helps improve focus: because a healthy body is a healthy mind.


  • Taking a break: because nothing makes you stop and take a break like the smell of a tasty lunch being served.


  • Timesaving: because saving time when you're getting ready for work in the morning allows you to spend more quality time with family or pets!


Every day catered gourmet lunches, snacks, and hot beverages can be so much more than a work perk. Being a certified B Corp means we’ve committed to being better, which includes being a better workplace by promoting diversity, equity, learning, growth, and of course, wellness.


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