Our Top Bullet Journal Page Ideas for Dog Owners

Our Top Bullet Journal Page Ideas for Dog Owners


Can’t decide whether to spend your morning bullet journaling or planning out your pet care for the week? Hot tip: why not do both! Use these bullet journal page ideas to organize your dog’s life.


New Puppy Essentials Checklist

If you’re planning on adopting a new family member, you’re going to want to be as prepared as possible! The first step? Make yourself a new puppy essentials checklist so you can get all the basics covered.

From dog poop bags to dog wipes, a checklist will help you get all set up for your newest family member.



DIY Dog Treat Recipes

Looking for a pet-friendly way to spice up your bullet journal? Try filling a few pages with handwritten recipe cards. Just like grandma used to make.

And if you need a quick and easy DIY recipe, look no further. The Earth Rated  team collected all our favorite dog treat recipes for you, tested and approved by our dogs!

DIY Frozen Dog Treats: can be fully customized with foods your dog loves!

DIY Ice Lick Recipe for Dogs: keep your dog cool and busy with this fun, fully-customizable ice lick treat!

DIY Frozen Watermelon Treats for Dogs: refreshing and perfect for any occasion!

DIY Fresh Breath Cookie Recipe for Dogs: parsley and mint are herbs known to have properties that help combat bad breath, and these cookies are a tasty treat your dog will enjoy!

DIY Sweet Potato Snacks for Dogs: sweet and nutritious. Cut the slices into shapes to make things even more fun!

DIY Ice Cream Recipe: delicious for humans and dogs alike!

DIY Birthday Cupcakes for Dogs: we can’t guarantee your dog will love wearing a party hat, but we can guarantee they’ll forgive you after one of these Birthday Pupcakes.


Let us know if you tried out these bullet journal page ideas by tagging @earthrated on Instagram. We’d love to see your designs!

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