Learning About Dog Behavior

Learning About Dog Behavior

From helping you choose the right toy for your pup to better understanding common dog behaviors, the Earth Rated team has got your back. In fact, we're fortunate to have regular guidance from a certified dog trainer to help us better understand which dog products make life with dogs simpler and better - and why.
That's right, to truly embody our value of leading with integrity, it's important to equip our team with the tools they need to provide the right guidance and advice to our loyal customers.

So, over the last few months, the Marketing & Innovation team has been busy learning from Aryel Lafleur, a local dog trainer and co-owner of a training organization called Trop Chien. The topics of these in-depth conferences have ranged from identifying dog body language to understanding separation anxiety to debunking common myths; like, will playing tug with my dog make them more aggressive? (Spoiler alert: it won't! And it's actually a great activity for them to expend extra energy and grow closer to you).

These conferences benefit our team in several ways, including informing product development, gaining insights into what makes a superior dog product, and supporting our customer service team with trainer-backed tips and answers. On top of this, these conferences also help equip our team to become better and more responsible dog owners.

Top trainer tip: To combat unwanted puppy nibbling, Aryel highly recommends enrichment toys. She suggests having their toys prepped and ready for when the zoomies kick in. "I always tell my clients to buy interactive toys for their puppies rather than just plush toys. Prepare them in advance by stuffing them with your dog's favorite snacks and food and leave them in the freezer so they're ready as soon as your puppy starts acting up."

Recommended product: The Earth Rated Chew Toy helps banish boredom by keeping your dog busy and engaged, so they're less likely to chew everything they shouldn't. For prolonged play, add wet treats like dog-safe peanut butter or cavity-fighting treats like bully sticks for even more to smile about.

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