How to Teach Your Dog to Not Pull on a Leash Walk, and More!

How to Teach Your Dog to Not Pull on a Leash Walk, and More!


January is walk your dog month; and what better way to walk off all that holiday feasting, than taking your pup out for a stroll. Stay true to that New Year’s resolution and get those walking boots (& booties on)!


How to walk your dog on a leash without pulling

Leash-walking can be a challenge for dogs and owners alike. We asked certified positive reinforcement dog trainer, Sebastien, from Bravo Fido, how to fix it.

Here are Sebastien’s top three tips to help make your next walk with your dog a breeze:

1) Carry a full treat pouch on walks. You’re going to want to be ready to reward your dog’s good behaviour at any moment.

2) If your dog pulls, stop! Don’t move, don’t yank, don’t do anything. Just wait. As soon as your pup looks at you, praise and entice them to come to you, then feed them a treat as a reward.

3) As you walk, if your dog stays by your side, feed them a treat every other step. If he sticks to you for 5 treats in a row, push to every three steps. Keep it up!


On your next walk, bring the necessities

Here at Earth Rated, we work hard every day to bring you top quality dog-walking essentials designed to make the poop pick-up process a little more pleasant.

Our leash dispenser and scented or unscented dog poop bags conveniently attach to your dog’s leash and feature a hook on the back for used bags… a definite necessity.

And whether you live in the great white north and need to wipe the road salt off your pup’s paws, or you just came back from a muddy dog-park play session, our dog grooming wipes always come in handy as you step foot in your front door. Our plant-based dog wipes are certified compostable, gentle enough for daily use and contain only the best ingredients for your little angel.


Earth Rated makes walking easier

Our 2022 New Year’s resolution is: more wagging and more walking.

Coincidentally, Earth Rated has been donating products to an organization called Wags & Walks since 2016!

Here’s what we’ve donated so far:

•       24,000 bags

•       160 dispensers

•       160 bandanas

•       40 blankets

All of this was made possible thanks to the incredible support of our customers. Thank you endlessly for helping us help shelters and rescues give dogs in need a second chance at life!

“With 100+ rescue dogs in Wags & Walks’ care at any given time, things can get messy! Earth Rated poop bags are a staple for volunteers and fosters helping to care and find forever homes for dogs in need.” – Chloe Esperiquette from Wags & Walks.


To learn more about our Giving Back initiatives, click here.

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