How to Teach Your Dog the Snoot Challenge Trick

How to Teach Your Dog the Snoot Challenge Trick

Have you heard of the snoot challenge? In the internet’s cutest trend, pet owners around the world show off their dog’s undying devotion to resting their nose on the hand that feeds them. We’ll let you in on a little secret: the snoot challenge is actually quite easy to participate in! Call your pup over, grab some treats, and follow our easy steps to becoming a champion snoot-er.

What you'll need:

Dog Their Favorite Treats! Step 1: Make a circle with your hand (or use two hands if your dog has an extra-big snout!) and hold the treat on your side of the circle Step 2: Lure your dog to put their muzzle in the circle. Step 3: When he does, say yes and give them the treat! Step 4: Repeat and treat! Try with your other hand or a bigger circle! Keep rewarding until your dog gets the hang of it. Step 5: Now, offer the circle without showing the treat and see if your dog gets it. If they do, say yes and then give them the hidden treat. If they don’t, practice step 4 again! Step 6: Once your dog gets the hang of it without needed a treat to lure them, add a word to the trick, which will become the cue! (We say 'Snoot!') Tips and tricks:
  • Reward the baby steps so your dog doesn't lose interest
  • Never force your dog to do anything they are uncomfortable with
  • Use yummy treats, kibble just won't do!
  • If your dog's nose is too big, try doing an L with your fingers instead of a circle

Video Tutorial

Now go forth and snoot! Show us your dog's best snoot challenge take on Instagram and tag @earthrated. Next Blog: How to Keep Your Dog Busy at Home

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