How to Photograph Your Pet!

How to Photograph Your Pet!

Who doesn't love to share pics of their pets with loved ones, friends and followers? After all, it's one of the main reasons our phone storage is always full - right?! If you're looking for tips on how to photograph your pet, our in-house Content Specialist Erin is here to give you her top tips!

☀️ Natural lighting is always your best bet. Stand with your back to a window and let all that beautiful sunlight shine on your pet. Unless you're going for something really artsy, try not to let your pet get in the middle of you and your nice sunny window. Why? They'll be backlit and their beautiful face will be covered in shadows.


📸 Be careful with flash! It might seem like a great solution to a dark and stormy lighting situation. BUT put yourself in your pal's tiny shoes. Flashes of light can be alarming. They can also make your sweet angel's eyes look all red and devilish. Probably not the vibe you're going for 😈.



Those 6 magic letters. The best way to get your model to listen? T-R-E-A-T-S. Simply grab a bag of their favorite treats and direct your dog into position. Hold up that yummy snack right above your camera lens and TA-DA! As always, reward good behavior.


🐶 Know your (pet's) angles. We know, we know...every side is their good side. BUT are they extra adorable if you crouch down to their height to snap a pic? Probably. Are they extra adorable when they look all fresh & clean? We got you covered. Earth Rated grooming wipes can help in that department!

💨 Watch that shutter speed! Animals MOVE. FAST. To avoid blurry shots, use bursts and a high shutter speed to catch all those fun action shots.

When in doubt, just press the button and hope for the best; and most of all: have fun! 

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