How to choose the right poop bag

How to choose the right poop bag


When your pup poops, we’ve got your back with some of the best bags on the planet. And because no poop is created equal, you’ll find a variety of options designed to make the pick-up process a little more pleasant.

Need a leg up in choosing the right one? We’re always here to help!

Our Scented Bags

When you’re scooping a number two, the last thing you need is a flimsy bag. These are made extra thick, extra tough and totally leak-proof. Plus, they’re lavender scented to help mask the contents and protect your nose.

Dispenser with Scented bags: Conveniently attaches to your dog’s leash and features a hook on the back for used bags. Fits 1 roll of bags.

Scented Refill Rolls: Don’t be caught without a refill. These rolls are easy to open and they fit nicely into our dispenser.

Scented Bulk Pack: If the dispenser isn’t your thing, this grab n’ go format is perfect to keep in the garage or waste stations.

Scented Handle Bags: Our handled bags are made extra wide for extra big poops. Easy to tie and dispose of.


Unscented Bags 

For Earth Rated fans with scent sensitivities (or who simply prefer fragrance-free), our unscented version is built extra thick, extra tough and leak-proof. No nonsense poop bags.

Dispenser with Unscented bags: Features a strap that adjusts to any leash and a hook for filled bags. Carries 1 roll of bags.

Unscented Refill Rolls: Easy to store, these bags are rolled up and ready to use in our dispenser. No fumbling to open.

Unscented Bulk Pack: Stored in a tissue-style box for grab n’ go convenience. Keep a box near the door for easy retrieval.

Unscented Handle Bags: For dogs that are large and in charge, these are made a little wider. Just tie and dispose.


At Earth Rated, we love what we do and it shows in everything we do. We strive to offer the highest quality products to help make picking up after our dogs a more pleasant experience. If you have any questions about our bags or you need assistance in choosing the right bag for your pup’s poop, drop us a line at


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