Help! My dog has more energy than me

Help! My dog has more energy than me

Our dogs are important members of the family. But sometimes they can also be a handful to keep up with - especially if they have a ton of energy.

Here are 5 tips for dealing with a high-energy dog:


1) Exercise is KEY. Dogs are more similar to us than we think. Just like humans, they need to burn off excess energy in order to feel relaxed and content. Start by having all your necessary supplies ready, such as a sturdy leash, some treats, and a dispenser filled with poop bags. Then you can make sure your dog is getting plenty of opportunities to run, play, and burn off energy. A brisk walk, a game of fetch, a trip to a dog park, or even a robust indoor play session, can all be great ways to help your dog expend energy.

2) Everyone feels better after they're nice and clean right? So, ditch the mess and stress of a bath by treating your dog to a spa day - at home! A peanut butter lick mat can keep them busy while you wipe them down with dog grooming wipes. These Earth Rated dog grooming wipes are made with soothing ingredients like shea butter, aloe vera and chamomile.

3) Training can also be incredibly helpful. By using positive reinforcement tactics, teaching your dog basic commands like "sit," "stay," and "come," can help them channel their energy in a positive way, and give them a greater sense of purpose and accomplishment. Looking for some tips? Check out this round-up of the best books for dog training

4) Mental stimulation is another great way to tire a high-energy dog. Set your dog up with a DIY busy-bucket, a fun obstacle course, treat-dispensing toys, or games that will challenge them mentally and tire them out.

5) At the end of the day, patience is the most important thing to keep in mind. Always remember: a high-energy dog is not behaving badly on purpose – they simply need more outlets for their energy.

    By providing your dog with plenty of opportunities to exercise, learn, and be mentally stimulated, you can help them lead a happier, healthier life. Don’t forget to practice patience and enjoy your precious time spent together.

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