Empowering our Community to Give Back and Make a Difference

Empowering our Community to Give Back and Make a Difference

Here at Earth Rated, we create thoughtfully-designed products for people who love dogs. From poop bags and dog grooming wipes to toys, we strive to offer the best for dogs and their people. But our commitment to the dog community goes far beyond just crafting high-quality dog supplies – it's about making a positive impact and giving back whenever we can.

As we transitioned to a new look back in April, we were left with the question of what to do with our existing inventory. The products were still in tip-top shape, but we knew our customers and retailers were anxious to get their hands on our refreshed branding. That's when we realized we had a unique opportunity to put our bags and dispensers to great use by donating them and inviting our community to get involved in helping us reach as many rescues and shelters as possible.

The response was overwhelming, with over 300 heartfelt comments pouring in. Thanks to the incredible support of our community, we were able to donate over 25,000 poop bag rolls to 15 different rescues across Canada and the United States. What made this initiative even more special was that over half of the rescues receiving our donations were ones we had never supported before. This heartening fact emphasized the power of our community-led approach to giving back. It showed us that by mobilizing our passionate followers, we can broaden our reach to make a more significant impact on the lives of dogs in need.

At the same time, we received a call from fellow B Corp and Montreal-based Wilder Harrier, to support their pet pantry initiative by providing poop bags to dog owners in need of a little help. To support their efforts, we donated nearly 5,000 poop bag rolls to help stock up these community pet pantries. Together with our loyal supporters and like-minded partners, we believe we can make an even greater difference in the lives of dogs and pet parents everywhere.

With every roll of poop bags, every dog wipe, and every toy we create, we're always looking for opportunities to empower dog owners to have a positive impact on their dogs' lives and the community around them. Join our community, and keep up with us on our socials to never miss an opportunity to spread some love.

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