Earth Rated Unveils Cutting-Edge Innovation Centre to Propel New Product Development

Earth Rated Unveils Cutting-Edge Innovation Centre to Propel New Product Development

We know the details matter. That's why we want every detail of our products to be carefully thought out, reliable and beautifully designed with YOU in mind. Here at Earth Rated, we have a dedicated Innovation Team who play a huge part in making our products the best that they can be. That's why we're excited to announce we've taken a huge leap forward in making life with dogs simpler and better by unveiling our brand-new "Innovation Centre." This creative and inspiring space takes up an entire floor at our HQ in Montreal and serves as the primary hub for our Innovation Team to bring new products to life. 

Fostering Creativity and Collaboration:

The Earth Rated Innovation Centre is designed as a haven for creativity and collaboration. Its open-plan layout, and flexible workspaces, create an environment that fosters innovative thinking. The space is intentionally designed to inspire and facilitate the flow of ideas, enabling the Innovation Team to push the boundaries of what's possible in dog product development.
Brainstorming Sessions:

Part of the Innovation Centre's purpose is to encourage and promote lively brainstorming sessions. The Innovation Team, composed of experienced professionals from various disciplines, including packaging, design, sustainability, and market intelligence, can gather in designated brainstorming areas. These sessions encourage the exploration of new concepts, problem-solving, and the formation of groundbreaking ideas. Whether it’s the thickness of our poop bags or the durability of our plant-based grooming wipes, we’re always evolving in order to tackle the most pressing consumer pain points from our valuable Earth Rated community so that we can offer the products pet owners wish they had.
Rapid Prototyping:

Ideas generated within the Earth Rated Innovation Centre don't just remain concepts on paper.The Centre is equipped with cutting-edge prototyping tools and resources, enabling our team to transform ideas into tangible prototypes quickly. This rapid prototyping capability allows for iterative testing, refinement, and validation of product designs, leading to better products for you and your beloved pup!
Cross-Functional Collaboration:

To truly drive innovation, Earth Rated recognizes the importance of cross-functional collaboration. We commit to a shared sense of purpose and direction that drives performance and accountability. The Innovation Centre serves as a common ground where team members from different departments can come together, exchange ideas, and share their expertise. This collaborative approach ensures that every aspect of product development, from design and functionality to sustainability and marketability, is considered holistically.

Here at Earth Rated, we're all about creating a highly-engaged team that's not afraid to dream big and then make those dreams a reality. The future of the dog product industry has never looked brighter. Learn more about Earth Rated here.

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