Earth Rated Spotlight: 2 organizations dedicated to advocacy & education

You know us for creating high-quality, innovative products designed to make life with dogs even better - for everyone. Well, when we say everyone...we really mean it. Whether your dog is social, tolerant, or aggressive, every dog owner could use a little support from time to time. That's why we're thrilled to shine a spotlight on two organizations, focused on advocacy & education, we've been proudly supporting since 2016! Angel City Pit Bulls is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a better future for pit bulls through education, adoptions, and owner support. Just as we put an emphasis on educating our community on the importance of picking up pet waste, organizations that focus on education and public advocacy (such as creating a better future for pit bulls) are close to our hearts! To date, we’ve donated:
  • Poop bags: 39,150
  • Dispensers: 284
  • Blankets: 80
  • Bandanas: 230
You may be familiar with BADRAP from when we told you about their Keep ‘Em Home Project. BADRAP is a nationally recognized resource for both dog owners and shelters, offering pets for adopters, training classes for dog owners and professional consultations to animal welfare leaders. To date, we've donated:
  • Poop bags: 3,450
  • Dispensers: 70
  • Blankets: 120
  • Bandanas: 120
Both Angel City Pits & BADRAP have incredibly informative resources on their websites for better understanding dogs' reactivity and how it can change throughout a dog's lifetime as they mature. Did you know mature dogs (age one and up) tend to do best with dogs of the opposite sex? Or that dog tolerance levels are flexible and are determined by environmental factors like handler influence, training and socializing efforts, as much as they are determined by genetics? Here are some of our favorite resources: Next Article: How to Teach Your Dog to Not Pull on a Leash Walk

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