Earth Rated celebrates B Corp Month

Earth Rated celebrates B Corp Month


Every year during the month of March, the global B Corp community come together to celebrate what it means to be a B Corp. It's a month dedicated to building awareness, and educating our communities on the ways in which B Corp certified companies go beyond business as usual to make their mark on the world.

Here at Earth Rated, we're fortunate to have a dedicated Responsibility Team who integrate environmental and social considerations into everything we do. From plant-based dog grooming wipes, to more than 3 million poop bags donated to rescues and shelters, we create products that make life with dogs simpler & better.

Get to know our Responsibility Manager, Andreea.

What motivated you to join the Earth Rated team?

From the first interaction I could see that Earth Rated team members were very passionate about their products and their brand. They had a genuine commitment to creating better products, caring for their people and giving back to hundreds of shelters. It’s a thriving company with lots of opportunities to contribute, learn and grow!

Tell us about your educational background and past work experience?

I studied International Development, and I’ve always worked in sustainability, either as a consultant focused mostly on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy and communications or, most recently, leading the project delivery department of an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) data collection software company.

What sustainability trends are you most interested in?

I enjoy learning about how companies are pushing sustainability boundaries and how data and science can be used to inform responsibility strategies. For example, did you know that about only 9% of plastic gets recycled worldwide? What does this mean for our products and packaging? I am looking into post-consumer recycled materials and extended producer responsibility to better understand how to balance innovation and compliance. 

What makes you hopeful?

Information. I feel people now have easy access to a wealth of data and can make informed choices when it comes to what they consume, where they live, who they work for, etc. Everyone can make responsible choices. Also, Earth Rated’s mission of making everyday moments for people and their dogs simpler and better is an invitation to continuous innovation and progress.

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