4 ways to cope with workplace stress

4 ways to cope with workplace stress


When it comes to stress, it's fair to say we all know a thing or two about finding different ways to cope. Sure, a small amount of stress can actually be motivating and help move us forward. It can even make you feel energized and alive! But, with anything, too much stress can negatively impact your mood, productivity levels and your body.


Here are 4 ways to cope with workplace stress:


1) Exercise. Having the opportunity to work out during the day can help boost endorphins, reduce stress, clear the mind and provide a break from screen time. Here at Earth Rated, we believe in the importance of physical & mental health. As part of our ongoing commitment to employee health and well-being, we’re proud to offer our team their own office gym, appropriately named: Unleashed! From strength training to metabolic conditioning or yoga, we’ve got a variety of classes and a variety of trainers who keep our team feeling energized and motivated.


2) Nutrition. Another way to tackle stress and a great reason to take a break? Lunch! Because not having to think about what to make for lunch every day is HUGE. We offer our employees daily chef-catered lunch. Taking the time to sit and chat with your coworkers can also reduce stress and help to grow bonds. Eating healthy helps improve focus because a healthy body is a healthy mind.


3) Office Dogs. Research has shown that just the simple act of petting a dog can lower stress while the social interaction between human and pup increases oxytocin. Being a dog-friendly office has its perks. Our office pups provide us with daily snuggles.


4) Quiet space. Having the option to work in quiet spaces can help with focus and provide options for team members who need some peace. From pods and quiet workstations to sound-proof telephone booths, we've got it covered.

It's important to care about your people, and every workplace can find creative ways to use their business as a force for good. 

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