3 signs your puppy is teething

3 signs your puppy is teething

It's fair to say, puppies are two things: 1) adorable and 2) a lot of work. That's why it's important to learn the signs of how they communicate with us so we can properly look after them. It's important to remember, teething is completely normal, inevitable, and part of being a puppy. If you're suspicious that your new pet is teething, here are three signs to look out for!

1) They're between 2-6 weeks old. Puppies usually begin teething at around 2-3 weeks old, and all their baby teeth will normally have cut through by approximately 6 weeks. Baby teeth will begin falling out at around 12 weeks, and by 6 months old, your pup should finally have all their permanent teeth. Fun Fact: did you know puppies start out with 28 baby teeth but end up with 42 permanent teeth?!

2) Needle teeth! Just like humans, puppies first grow a set of baby teeth which later fall out. The first tell-tale sign your pup is teething is experiencing the agonizing nibble of these sharp teeth. That's right! Teething puppies WILL chew on your hands, your feet, your furniture, you name it. 

3) They're obsessed with their chew toys! Life with a new puppy can be exciting. It can also be a learning process. If they're increasingly obsessed with their chew toys - it's quite possible they may be teething. Fill their favorite chew toy with peanut butter, honey, apples or carrots to keep them busy and distracted from the pain. Toys stuffed with frozen things can also help with the pain of teething. Hot top: while they're busy chewing, treat them to a spa day with grooming wipes made from soothing ingredients like shea butter, aloe vera and chamomile.

The best way to help your pup when they're teething is to remind yourself that it'll pass and always have a few chew toys on hand to offer them.

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