Why we love our poop bags in bulk

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Whether you’ve got one dog or 3 and whether they’re 10 pounds or over 100, poop will happen, and it will happen a lot. On walks, in dog parks, backyards, and sometimes in the house (hopefully not too often). We created our Bulk Pack - Backyard Pickups to give dog owners quick access to a bevy of extra strong bags.

Here are just a few reasons why we love our poop bags in bulk.

1. You get 300 Earth Rated bags on a single roll
2. They’re available in lavender-scented and unscented
3. The grab ‘n go tissue style box is ultra-convenient (great for quick pickups in the yard)
4. Fits most outdoor waste stations you find in parks

We asked a few of our favourite dog people to share their reasons for choosing Earth Rated’s
Bulk Pack - Backyard Pickups. Warning: You may wonder where they’ve been your whole life… or at least your dog’s life.

 Teemo the Toy Poodle

“I keep the box by the front door, so I can grab a bag on my way out for a walk - it’s so convenient! I also love how the lavender scented bags keep the entryway smelling nice.

Scout The Dog

Normally, we depend on Earth Rated to cover our butts, literally. However, we’ve discovered that their larger 300 count bags can do so much more. Ours do double duty around the house covering Scout’s backyard adventures and helping us keep campsites and trails clean when we hit up our weekend adventures. The bags are stronger, and bigger and have that same soothing lavender scent we associate with Earth Rated.

Noël Russell

“Discovering the Bulk Pack - Backyard Pickups was a game changer for us as parents of two pups. We carry them everywhere we travel - from the wilderness to the city - and use them several times a day, not only to remove our dog's waste from neighborhood sidewalks and along the trail, but also to help pick up other's trash as well.”


We love road tripping. Whether it's a close-to-home trip or a long-distance adventure, we have all of the essentials stocked at all times so we can just pick up and go - flashlights, sunscreen, snacks, dog treats, toys and, of course, poop bags. Earth Rated’s Bulk Pack - Backyard Pickups is basically a tissue box version that ensures we can always clean up and leave things how we found them.

Whiskey The Vizsla

“We keep a box by the front door, in the car and one in the trailer while travelling. We’ve found these boxes are much easier to access and the bags are just a bit thicker and bigger for poop pick-ups near home.”

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