The Importance of a Routine for your Dog

Having a routine is important, especially for dogs. When a dog is on a consistent schedule each day, the dog gains a sense of stability and a better idea of when they’ll get to go outside to pee, go for a walk or get fed. Whenever possible, these things should be done at the same time of day.

This results in a happier, less-stressed dog and fewer surprises for the both of you!

That doesn’t mean you can’t explore new places or do different activities with your dog, but everyday things like feeding, walking and grooming should form a consistent routine.


There are a number of different life events that can disrupt your dog’s routine and lead to stress. A dog that is stressed out may begin having accidents in the home, bark excessively, appear irritable and become ill or irritable.

Some examples of interruptions to your dog’s routine include moving, traveling, going away and leaving your dog with someone else, boredom and visitors in your home.

Keeping up with your basic routines as best as possible during these times is the best way to reduce stress in your dog. Plenty of exercise, taking your dog for his or her walks at the right times and making sure your dog is fed at his or her usual dinner hour can make a huge difference in how your dog reacts to new situations.

Crate training can also keep your dog calm, giving him or her a place they can retreat to if they ever feel overwhelmed.

What is your dog’s routine?