Should you adopt a rescue dog?

When Earth Rated asked me to share my Day One with Fin and Lhotse, it got me thinking about a saying my grandmother used to repeat at every birthday: “May your coming year be filled with surprises”. As a self-proclaimed planner, this exclamation always brought about a bit of anxiety. But as more and more birthdays pass, I have come to realize that the best things in life are indeed the unexpected ones, like our two favorite family members – neither of who were planned. One showed up as a sickly stray, waking us in the middle of the night with her whining, and the other was an impulse adoption after running across her photo on a random shelter website and ditching work to meet her.

We didn’t know what we were getting into with either – but after all the behavior challenges, vet visits, medical conditions, and the destruction of 3 queen size mattresses – I can honestly say, there has been no better thing that I’ve happened into than becoming an adoptive doggie mom. Because we’re often not prepared for the best things that happen. There is no way to get ready to win the lottery, no way to properly plan for falling in love – but as the goodness unfolds, everything around it seems to catch up to speed eventually.

Besides, good things tend to have an altered experience of time and space, where the rush of readiness slows significantly, subdued by the deepest sense of gratitude and joy. You see – rescue dogs have this special power where they make everything in life better, just by being around you. So if you’re considering adopting a dog – I have a piece of advice for you: do it. Don’t let all questions and worry hold you back, you’ll figure it all out – together. And may your coming years spent alongside each other, be filled with surprises.

Photo and text by @Noel_Russ

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