Is a big back yard enough for your dog?

Most dogs love being outside, and if you’ve got a fenced yard, it’s easy to swing the door open and watch them bound over the threshold and into the fresh air. It’s an excellent spot for play, training and rolling in… well, everything.

France Do is an HR representative currently on maternity leave with a new baby and a 2-year-old Shiba Inu named Yoshi. When the family decided to bring home a dog (pre-baby) a fenced yard was a must: “we wanted a space where we could relax, host BBQs and let Yoshi burn off some energy.” But France admits that a yard alone is simply not enough to keep Yoshi happy and healthy.

When it comes to proper exercise, they need more.
Games of fetch and playdates with dog friends in the backyard are great for expending energy, but if your dog is hyperactive or overweight, they’ll need more.

“I think a backyard is a great place for training, but I don’t believe it should replace walks or visits to the dog park.”


Dogs need mental stimulation

Imagine never leaving your home or interacting with other humans? Dogs are a lot like us in that they need social interaction to stay mentally healthy.

They need to be exposed to new experiences

The world outside your yard offers new sights, sounds, smells and friends. Studies show that the more you venture beyond your gate, the better it is for your dog’s continued socialization.

Dogs crave routine and companionship

Just like children, our canine kids thrive on routine and companionship. Taking a few minutes to walk your pup before moving on to your next ‘to do’ will give you the break you need and it will help boost your bond with your dog.

Yards play an important role; there’s no denying it. In a world where meetings go late, kids have homework and fatigue is a way of life, it’s ok to skip a visit to the park in favour of a game of fetch out back - once in a while.

“Yoshi is quite stubborn. The yard is our go-to when he needs to let loose, but we don’t have time for his silly games of cat and mouse.”

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