How to throw a dog-friendly Halloween party

Who says Halloween is just for kids? If you ask us, it’s the most wonderful time of the year – for people and pets of all ages. Every October, the Earth Rated team gussies up the office with carved out pumpkins and cottony spider webs, we dress up our pooches and put together a few dog-friendly games. And who could forget the treats!

Bobbing for treats: Fill a big bowl with water, drop in a few treats and let each pup have a turn (one at a time). If you’re partying outside, use a small kiddie pool instead.

Find the bone: Hide a few dog bones around the yard or house and challenge the dogs to sniff them out. Remember to give each pooch some space and perhaps some should remain leashed.

Costume contest: For the grand finale, parade your party guests so they can flaunt their costume for all to see. Give awards for prettiest, scariest, silliest, etc. Awards don’t have to be over the top, we usually give our homemade dog treats – they’re scarily good.

Remember that whenever you bring together a group of dogs, and you throw food into the mix, things can get hairy. Make sure you give each dog the breathing space they need and leash the ones who can be somewhat unpredictable. Most importantly, provide poop bags for guests so you’re not left with any surprises at the end of the night.

Tag party or costume pics with #earthratedhalloween and @earthrated, and you could win an Earth Rated prize pack (include our dispenser in your dog's costume for an even better chance)

Happy Halloween and play safe!