How to prepare for a dog sitter

In a perfect world, we'd bring our dogs every time we travel, but the reality is it's not always possible and they'd be happier and safer in the care of a pet sitter. When looking for the right sitter, do your research and draw up a list of potentials you think you could trust. Next, schedule an appointment with each — you’ll know right away if the person and your dog (and you!) are a match.

Once you’ve chosen the crème de la crème, the only thing left to do is prepare for the big day

1. Pack a bag with the essentials

Help your dog feel more at home with the stuff they’re used to, from feeding bowls to their favourite toys and more.

  • Poop bags (Try our bulk roll for backyard pick-ups and our leash dispenser with extra bags for walks)
  • Leash
  • Harness (if needed)
  • Coat & Boots (if needed)
  • Food for the duration of their stay (note their feeding schedule and amounts)
  • Water bowl and food bowl from home
  • Their favourite toys and blanket
  • Any medicines and instructions

2. Bring their crate and/or bed

Just like people, our four-legged friends require personal space sometimes. Their crate (or bed) is the perfect place for some alone time.

3. Make sure your dog is wearing proper ID

Is your dog’s medallion up to date? You might even consider having a second one made with your sitter’s phone number.

4. Provide your vet’s info

In case of emergency, make sure the sitter is fully prepared. Leave a card with your veterinarian’s contact information and any information regarding pet insurance. 

5. Give the sitter a primer on your dog’s behaviour

Is your pup good on a leash? Do they do well in dog parks? Sit down with your sitter and give him or her a heads up on what to expect from your dog.


A little preparation can go a long way in making sure everyone involved feels comfortable and safe. How do you prepare for a dog sitter? Anything you’d add? Leave a comment below or tag us on social media with @earthrated.