How to pick the perfect name for your puppy

Growing up, Fannie and Jean-Phillippe were always around dogs. Once they were grown and living on their own as a couple, only then did they realize to what extent their childhood dogs had impacted their lives.

They wanted a breed that could keep up with their busy, outdoorsy lifestyle and the English Springer Spaniel seemed to fit the bill. Traditionally used for flushing out and retrieving game, they’re known for being very energetic, intelligent and outgoing. The couple named their new boy Newton.

Naming another living thing is a big responsibility, especially when you’ll be sharing your life for the next twelve to fourteen years. We asked Fannie and JP to share a few tips on how to pick the perfect name for a puppy.

Keep it simple

Long names can be difficult for your dog to understand and remember. Try and keep it to one or two syllables to avoid any confusion.

Remember you’ll be shouting the name in public

When you’re at the park with your pup, or even in your backyard, you’ll likely have to call after your dog (more than once). Do you want to be shouting a name like “Mr. Sillypants” in public? Probably not.

Make sure it doesn’t sound like a command

Watch out for names like Bo (No), Fay (Stay) and Bit (Sit). Your dog can easily mix the two, which will make training an even more difficult task.

Do something different

Remember in elementary school when there were four kids in your class named Chris? The same thing can happen in the dog park. Do your research and consider choosing a name that’s slightly outside the box.

Just have fun

When it comes to naming your new furred friend, there are so many options. How about a name based on your dog’s breed or appearance like “Shorty” for a Dachshund or “Panda” for a black and white dog. Fannie and Louis-Phillipe chose the name “Newton” to honour their English Springer Spaniel’s Anglo heritage and LP’s appreciation of science.

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