Hiking with a Corgi

Believe it or not, Corgis make for great hiking companions. Don’t let their short stature fool you! Although they may be low to the ground and long-bodied, Corgis were bred to be agile cattle and sheep herders. Whether it is a Cardigan Welsh Corgi or a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, both breeds are working dogs through and through with a sturdy build.

If you were to hike with a Corgi, here are a few things to take into consideration:

1. Start with short hikes without any incline and work your way up (from easy trails to moderate and hard) 
Corgis are prone to hip, joints and back problems. Take it easy and slow.

2. Try to incorporate a stretching routine either at the beginning or end of a hike (whether it was easy or hard).
Stretching is important as it helps to improve mobility and flexibility. It can provide some much needed love to a Corgi’s hips, joints, and back.

3. Keep in mind that Corgis have a double coat that provides insulation when the weather is bad.
They will need more breaks in warmer weather than in cooler weather.  Make sure to take as many breaks as needed with plenty of water.

4. Make sure your Corgi wears a harness (bonus if it has a handle).
Due to a Corgi’s short stature, they may have difficulty climbing boulders or crossing creeks. Therefore, having a harness with a handle will help with easy carriage as needed.

5. Adjust feeding based on hiking difficulty and be mindful of their weight for their body structure.
You’ll see, hiking can keep a Corgi lean and fit which is important for their overall health.

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Photo and text by Kim Tran