Big dog or small dog?

Gen and Francis are a young couple living and studying in Montreal, and for two people in a relationship, their interests couldn’t be more divergent. Gen is into movies and softball, while Francis enjoys motorcycles and skateboarding. What brings them together is their love for their wacky dogs: Alphonse, a big Great Dane aged six years, and Léon, a small French Bulldog X Pug  aged five and a half years.

We asked this very cool family to share their thoughts on the differences between big and small doggies.

Small dogs eat less
Obviously, right? A Great Dane like Alphonse could eat 14 cups of kibble per day on average, while a smaller dog like Léon needs just 1.5 cups (give or take). How much you feed your dog will depend on many different factors, always consult your vet.

Big dogs need more exercise
There’s are exceptions to every rule, but most large dogs require more exercise than their little buddies. You’ll need to set aside 1 hour every day to keep them physically healthy and mentally stimulated. That doesn’t mean that small dogs want to spend their days couchsurfing  – all canines require and crave exercise (speak to your vet for recommendations).

Small dogs have a reputation for bad behaviour
Our little friends tend to get away with more because they’re so tiny and cute. Training and socialization is a must for any dog, big or small. Gen and Francis say their little dog (Léon) is the troublemaker and their big dog (Alphonse) is the peacekeeper.

Big dogs generally need more room to roam
It makes sense that a large animal requires more space both inside their home and out in their backyard. That said, if you’re giving your dog enough exercise off-property, the size of their living arrangements shouldn’t be a big deal.

Small dogs tend to have longer lifespans
Unfortunately, large breed dogs age faster than smaller dogs. As your pooch gets older, whether they’re big or small, it’s essential to keep up with their vet appointments and catch any health issues at the head.

Big dogs take bigger poops
That’s the word on the street, but if you’ve seen what we’ve seen, you know there are small dogs who break this rule with great pride. Regardless, Earth Rated has you covered with bags for every dropping.

What are your thoughts on big dogs versus small dogs? Or are you like Gen and Francis, and enjoy the best of each. Tag your take on social media with #earthrated and @earthrated