3 of Little Cooper's Favorite Things

I like to think that dogs are similar to human children where they each have their own quirky personality. Sometimes it takes a while for their personality to shine through and figuring out their likes and dislikes may take a while. Cooper is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi with a penchant for trouble and a huge appetite for adventure. His likes and dislikes have changed over the years. Now, with almost 4 years of dog experience under his paws, I thought I’d share Cooper’s top 3 favorite things.

Playing Fetch

Nothing gets Cooper more focused and energized than going to a San Francisco park to play fetch with his ball-ball. On any given foggy day, he can chase the ball for hours on end with the biggest smile. Even though this is a crazy obsession, it’s a winning combo: Cooper gets to have his daily dose of exercise while enjoying his favorite pastime (chasing the ball back and forth).

Smelling Lavender

Cooper takes the phrase “stop and smell the roses” to a literal sense when he goes outside to explore. He loves to sniff anything he can get his snout into and really digs himself in. A dog’s nose is more acute than a human’s, so I can only imagine how lovely flowers must smell to Cooper. Lavender is one particular flower that Cooper is very familiar with and loves. Thanks to its therapeutic effect, it’s a favorite when it’s time to wind down.The moment Cooper smells lavender, he just stays where he is and enjoys the calming aroma.

Sleeping on Blankets

One of Cooper’s simple pleasures is curling up and sleeping after a long day of playing and sniffing. If you’re a crazy pet parent like me, you’ll have more than one bed in your home too. Cooper has about six beds. But out of all his beds, his favorite spot to sleep is be anywhere there’s a super chunky knitted blanket. It was originally for the human to cozy up with, but somehow it turned into a blanket for Cooper.

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Photo and text by Kim Tran